Re-opening and New Social Distancing Measures

We are looking forward to seeing everyone very soon.

When you return things will be quite different at Footsteps but still lots of fun! We have put together a video for you and your child so they can become familiar with  the differences before they start.


Heres whats going to be different


  • When you arrive make sure you keep 2 meters away from any parents that may be waiting
  • When its safe to do so press the buzzer and wait for staff to see you through the door.
  • Put your childs bag by the gate and step back to the blue circle with your child.
  • A member of staff will open the gate and pick up your childs bag. Make sure the bag is clearly labelled.
  • Send your child to the staff member.


We need you to help us by being positive with your chid about the changes and drop them off quickly to make this safe for everyone.